Snack Attack!

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A delicious game all about stealing snacks from your siblings! 

In Snack Attack, you play as a Nomnisaur—a treat-hungry, trouble-making dinosaur—nabbing delights from the kitchen table.

But beware! Lurking around every corner is another member of your frantic family looking to sabotage you!

From your siblings armed with terrible flavours like bitter coffee beans or sour lemon slices, to your mom making you share, and even the family pet making a mess of things, will you be able to nom to your heart's content?

Ages: 7+   Players: 2-4    Time to learn 5-10min , Playtime 10 min


  • Animated Tutorial
  • Dyslexic-friendly Font


  • Animated Tutorial
  • Quick & Engaging Gameplay

Visual Impairment

  • Bright Colours
  • Pin-hole Braille
  • Colour-blind-friendly Design